Product Advisory to Tech Startups and Scaleups

We help tech startups and scaleups accelerate growth by developing a winning product strategy and excelling in the execution.


Every action, improvement or investment we make should be driven by our end goal.


  • Do you need help building an engaging product that delights the customer?

  • Do you need help prioritising which features to build to minimise cost and time of development?

  • Do you need help tracking and optimising the key metrics for your business?

  • Do you have dilemmas about which technology is best fit for your product?

  • Do you need help scaling your technology and your team?


With years of strategic and practical technology experience while working with numerous organisations in different growth stages, we offer expert advisory addressing the most pressing questions you might be facing.

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Learn a proven step-by-step process to convert your idea to a Minimum Viable Product. Learn the key concepts and tools you need to build a minimum but high-quality product that delights customers. The course covers the following areas:

  • How to identify your niche and their needs

  • How to develop a competitive product strategy

  • How to make key tech decisions

  • How to build an outcome-driven roadmap

  • How to setup a team 

  • How to design your MVP

  • How to develop your MVP

  • How to identify key metrics to measure and improve

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Dr. Marina Stojanovski - Founder od Enlighten


Marina is an advisor, entrepreneur and innovator. She is a strong believer in lean thinking and continuous growth and improvement.

Marina has over fifteen years of experience in product & technology advisory, teaching, engineering and innovation. With her unique mix of experience, Marina bridges the gap from technology to business results. Marina has assisted numerous tech organisations, from startups and scaleups building and scaling a product company, to large enterprises performing product-led transformations and accelerating growth. 

Marina earned a PhD degree in Computer Science in 2015 in the Netherlands.

Approachable and pragmatic by nature, Marina values transparency, collaborative approach, and has vast cross-cultural experience.

Dr. Marina Stojanovski

"Marina is a talented,  true professional who really takes the time to understand the company’s structure and needs in great detail. She has a fantastic way of explaining things and is a genuine pleasure to work with."

Louise, Founder and CEO, Needi 

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