Product growth guidance for startups and scaleups

We help tech startups and scaleups accelerate growth by developing a winning product strategy and excelling in the execution.


Every action, improvement or investment we make should be driven by our end goal.


Do you need help building an engaging product that delights the customer?

Do you need help prioritising features to maximise value of your product?

Do you need guidance to better manage the priorities that pull you in many directions?

Do you have dilemmas when choosing a technology?

Do you need help scaling your technology and your team?

With more than a decade of strategic and practical product and tech experience, we help you address the most pressing questions. We help you set focus and invest your time where it counts so you can enjoy your journey much more.


We cover the four key pillars of product development: Strategy, Process, People and Technology.



Learn how to build successful digital products through an online learning, in your own time and schedule and at the pace that best suits your learning style.

"Enlighten had a professional attitude and really took the time to understand the company’s structure and needs in great detail. Fantastic way of explaining things and genuine pleasure to work with."

Louise, Founder and CEO, Needi 

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