Enlighten is a consulting firm founded with the mission to help organisations achieve a sustainable digital growth.



Our guiding principles define our identity.
They guide our day to day decisions and the way how we work.


Treat every problem in a unique manner

We believe that every problem is unique and as such it requires a unique solution. While we use our standard tools and frameworks in our work, our process is strongly driven by the unique customer need.

Understand well the core of the problem

We don't offer a solution until we have a good understanding of the core of the problem. We strive for perfection only when it comes to solving the core problem. Our goal is to help, not to just add more noise.

Be respectful

We respect your vision, your thinking, your way of working. Our goal is to steer you when needed and until needed. Whatever your decision is, we respect it and we find a way to adapt to it.

Be transparent

We value transparency and collaborative attitude. We believe that this is essential in order to achieve maximal success with minimal effort.

Strive for continuous learning

We strive to continuously improve our knowledge and our way of working. We believe that every step we make, big or small, is necessary to improve and achieve a higher goal.


Dr. Marina Stojanovski - Founder od Enlighten

Marina is an advisor, coach, entrepreneur and innovator with over thirteen years of experience in management advisory, IT strategy, engineering and innovation. With her unique mix of experience, Marina bridges the gap from technology to business results.

Marina has assisted numerous organisations during the acquisition phase, scaleup phase, digital transition phase, or acceleration program. Marina has worked with startups and scaleups, as well as large multinational enterprises across various industries, e.g. logistics, telecom, retail, automotive.

Marina earned a PhD degree in Computer Science in 2015, from University of Twente, the Netherlands.

Approachable and pragmatic by nature, Marina values transparency, collaborative approach, and has vast cross-cultural experience. She is a strong believer in lean thinking and continuous growth and improvement.

Dr. Marina Stojanovski