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Introducing our new course "A Lean Startup guide to build a Minimum Viable Product"

Having a successful digital product today is extremely powerful and profitable. The tech industry stays strong with little concern about the economy or inflation. Smart entrepreneurs are converting their ideas into a digital product with the hope to scale their business fast.

But a great product does not just happen. Sadly, 90% of the products built today end up with a failure. As much as the technology does allow fast scaling, at the same time it makes competition much higher. As a result, a digital product can be a huge benefit only when it is successful, stands out from the competition and resonates well with the market.

Why is building a successful digital product so difficult? And what do most successful companies do to build a product that customers love?

We are introducing our new e-learning to address these questions - " A guide to build a successful Minimum Viable Product".

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About this course

This course is designed with one objective in mind - to equip you with the right knowledge and mindset you need to build a great successful product.

In this course we are going to cover the whole process to build a Minimum Viable Product in a lean and effective way. This is not a course that teaches you how to build an MVP concept in one day. Instead we cover the complete process from idea to achieving a product market fit.

We’ll cover the different phases of the product development process 1) Discovery, which covers the Why - "why are you building the product"; 2) Design, which covers the What - "what are you going to build” and 3) Delivery – which is all about the How - “how do you build the product”.

You’ll learn what are the steps in this process, you’ll learn what are the critical points in this journey that you need to pay special attention to, and you’ll learn how to make the right decisions during this process. You'll learn

  • How to identify your market niche and their needs

  • How to develop a competitive product strategy

  • How to make key product decisions

  • How to develop an outcome-driven roadmap

  • What are the best practices to design the product

  • What are the best practices to develop the product

  • How to measure and improve the product

Why trust this course

The content of this course builds on years of experience and work with more than hundred of entrepreneurs who have been through this journey of building a product. It builds on best practices and well established theories that most successful companies have applied.

The instructor of this course, Marina, has a PhD in Computer Science, and is a teacher, strategy advisor and a startup coach with more than a decade of experience in product development, strategy and engineering. Marina has assisted 100+ organisations in their product development journey, from startups building their first product, scale-ups in their fast pace growth stage, as well as large Fortune 100 companies. Clients and students appreciate Marina for her in-depth knowledge, practical thinking skills, and the ability to explain abstract concepts in a simple manner.

Who this course is for

The course is designed with an entrepreneur in mind, particularly startups who are building their first tech product.

The course, however, is beneficial for anyone who is involved in the product development process in any way, for example product managers who want to build better products or software engineers who want to understand how the most successful product companies build products that customers love.

What to expect at the end of this course

This course is not going to make you the best UX designer, or a great software engineer. Instead at the end of this course you will have a high confidence to manage the whole process from idea to product market fit.

30-day money back guarantee

We believe the content of the course is great, and we are certain you'll love it. But we are also happy to offer an unconditional 30-day money back in full guarantee. No risk for you.

Enrol in the course via this link:

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