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We guide you bring a new product to market or prepare for scale

How to build an engaging product that delights the customer?

How to better manage the priorities and focus on what matters?

How to optimise the costs of the product development?

How to choose a technology that is best fit for a product?

How to build a productive and happy product team?

How to mature the technology, processes, and the team and get ready for scale?

With more than a decade of strategic and practical product and technology experience, we help you address the most pressing questions. We support you with the four key pillars of your product development: Strategy, Process, People and Technology. We help you set focus and invest your time where it counts so you can enjoy your journey much more.

Bring a new product to the market

Minimise the costly mistakes while you build your first product and increase the chance to have a successful product that resonates with the market. We help you set the right strategy, prioritise features, choose the right technology, setup a team, and optimise the whole process from idea to achieving a product market fit.

Prepare for scale 

Mature your product and technology and get ready for scale. How to improve the robustness and scalability of your technology, how to optimise your product management and IT processes, or how to grow the team effectively? If these are some of your questions, we can help you get the answers.

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Dr. Marina Stojanovski

Product & Tech Advisor

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Marina is a product and technology advisor with more than a decade of experience in product development, strategy and engineering. Marina has assisted 100+ organisations to build better technology products, from startups building their first product, scale-ups in their fast pace growth stage, as well as large enterprises. Clients and students appreciate Enlighten for the in-dept knowledge, practical thinking skills, and the ability to explain abstract concepts in a simple manner. Marina has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Twente, the Netherlands.


Marina had a professional attitude and really took the time to understand the company’s structure and needs in great detail. Fantastic way of explaining things and genuine pleasure to work with.

Louise, Founder and CEO, Needi 

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