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Three years ago, I wrote my first blog article. Since then, I've discovered that I have a wealth of insights I’d love to share.

Through LeanProductGrowth, I am sharing experiences and reflections on building successful products and strong teams. Currently, I am the Head of Product at Gradyent, a scale-up committed to solving the global climate challenge. Over the years, I've also had the privilege of guiding a myriad of companies – from dynamic startups to established corporations – through my consulting work. Learning is my lifelong commitment, and this blog is my channel for sharing the lessons I've been garnering along the way.

If you're a product leader, an aspiring product manager, a member of a product team, or an entrepreneur building a tech product, you'll find useful insights in this space. My aspiration is to equip you with practical insights on how to foster scalable products, how to navigate leadership roles, how to craft effective product strategies, and how to nurture high-performing teams.

Your thoughts, questions, and feedback on the content are more than welcome.

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Head of Product at Gradyent. Advisor. Author. PhD in Computer Science.